About Us

Welcome to Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group

Here at DERMIX Medical Aesthetics Group we are committed to our clients. Providing both men and women with the highest quality of service, products, and state of the art equipment. Offering skin care, body treatment, medical and aesthetic procedures that specialize in restoring a youthful appearance with a non-surgical approach, in a complete friendly environment.




Dermix Medical Aesthetics Group

What We Do

We have created an all inclusive weight management program for a better lifestyle and overall health.

Our staff is experienced in “pre” and “post” operative procedures, working with all types of skin structures, ranging from problematic, (Prone & Active acne), post-acne scarring, hyper-sensitive, hyper-pigmented skin and environmentally damaged conditions.

At DERMIX, we personalize a series of treatments, along with a skin regimen for home care, after a complimentary skin analysis.

Our body massage therapists offer treatments with the latest thechnology.