Anti-aging Facial in Sherman Oaks

anti-aging facial in Sherman Oaks

Anti-aging Enzyme Facial

What can our anti-aging facial in Sherman Oaks do for your skin

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Aging skin is not a new problem. Wrinkles, dullness, rough skin, and loose skin have tortured people for a long time.

However, with advancements in skincare products and our understanding of why skin ages the way it does, now there are methods designed to reduce its effects.

One of the more popular and effective ways are anti-aging facials.

Unlike quite a few cosmetic treatments, this one doesn’t break the bank. For eg., an anti-aging facial in Sherman Oaks will start in the mid-high ten’s.

If you will like to find out what an anti-aging facial is and how it helps, read on.

What is an anti-aging facial?

As the skin grows older, it becomes rougher, develops lesions, and starts to become slack. The slackness is a result of the loss of elastic tissue in the skin. The infamous result is skin hanging off loosely.

Anti-aging facials utilize modern techniques and the latest products that help slow the aging process of the skin while brightening it and, at the same time, reducing wrinkles.

The products used are usually vitamin-infused serums that help clear up the skin.

As with most cosmetic products and services, a common question is:

“Are they effective?”

Yes, they are!

For better results, find a good aesthetician.

Any facial is heavily dependent on the person providing it. Experienced aestheticians will be slightly more expensive, but their skills will be worth every penny.

The effectiveness of an anti-aging massage is also dependent on the quality of the products used. However, that will be taken care of if you find a skilled skincare specialist.

A note of caution: If your skin is sensitive, inform the aesthetician before starting the facial.

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What benefits do anti-aging facials provide?

  • Cleans your skin:

    Now cleaning here is different from washing your face with soap. Anti-aging cleansing agents remove dirt, excess oil and pollutants; this creates a canvas on which the other anti-aging products can work.

  • Deeper Exfoliation:

    Most regular facials also cover exfoliation. However, with an anti-aging facial, you will also be administered a collagen-boosting treatment, such as microdermabrasion. This treatment removes blackheads and whiteheads on a deeper level and also increases blood circulation, which brings a natural glow to your face.

  • Moisturization:

    Dry skin is one of the causes of pale-looking skin. During anti-aging facials, deep moisturizers like emollient and hyaluronic acid get applied to your skin; resulting in an increased moisture level and healing of the dry or flaky skin.

  • Slows Down the Aging Process:

    Wrinkles usually herald the arrival of aging skin. Initially, you will notice them around your mouth, eyes, and nose.

Anti-aging facials include acid treatments. Chances are you will get treated with a hyaluronic acid treatment; this will make the skin firm and tight again while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Getting an anti-aging facial on a regular basis will make your skin look fresh and supple, which will bring out the natural beauty that you possess.


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  • Naila J
    I have been going to Patty and Ashley for six months for multiple different procedures. They are wonderful and well-experienced. I am very happy with my results and the work they did for me and my daughter. The price is amazing. I originally made an appointment with a different medical spa but once I found out about Dermix I immediately switched to them. I am paying 1/3 of the price that I would at other spas. 10/10 recommend.
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    If you want your skin looking younger and radiant look no more Patty is the BEST! You will see the difference from the first facial you do. I also did meso therapy and no bruising at all. She's simply the best your skin will love her!

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    I have known Patty for more than nine years. I stop seeing her for a while because I moved from the valley and omg!!! My skin change so bad I do not care how many hours I will be intraffic.. The drive is well worth it, she is wonderful, Excellent, and pro on her craft
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    I just love this place, a jewel in San Fernando Valley. I've done mesotherapy and radiofrequency treatment. I've lost 2 sizes in less than a month, isn't that amazing! Just love everything about this place, people are very nice and the most important, very professional.