Clinical Acne Treatment in Sherman Oaks

clinical acne treatment in Sherman Oaks

Clinical Acne Treatment

Introducing Dermix Medical Aesthetics' clinical acne treatment in Sherman Oaks

The glamour of the Los Angeles lifestyle has exciting ways of seducing you to want and need to feel appealing,

Every woman wants to stay beautiful against the rivals of a radiant face and skins such as aging, pimples, acne, excess fat, just to mention a few.

Staying hot for the camera, and slaying the selfie is constant work and compulsory nowadays especially when you’re out with the girls.

Our face is precious and connects to our internal beauty immensely. But a spot of imperfection can obsess us for hours and even days.

There is the hope of getting a flawless, radiant, acne-free skin with our clinical acne treatment in Sherman Oaks.

acne treatment in Sherman Oaks
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What is acne facial laser treatment?

Laser treatment is a cutting-edge and noninvasive way of treating more noticeable acne scars and helps the skin to restore a smooth, usual flawless feel.

It is a perfect skincare solution for both the younger and older women, not excluding men obviously.

The acne laser treatment is also an ideal treatment for those who are committed to proper aftercare services like you!

The acne facial treatment option will depend on the type of your acne scars among many others since we are all different in many ways and that’s why it’s important to seek the advice of a dermatologist concerning a treatment appropriate for your type of acne scars.

In brief, there are three types of scars. They occur after repeatedly pricking the lesion; they include Rolling, Boxcar, and Icepick. They vary in width, depth, appearance, and the regions they appear in.

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Practical types of Acne scar treatment depends on your specific needs:

  • Photofacial Therapy

    It utilizes fractional energy to pulsate light directly on your skin to target discolored, damaged, aged skin cells.

    By using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, acne lasers provide effective immediately after treatment or after 3-6 procedures depending on the type of acne scars being treated,

  • Vbeam Laser or Vbeam Perfecta

    Acne and acne scars leave behind visible red blemishes on the skin. The versatility of the Pulse dye laser can be used to target the broken vessels and melanin pigmentation in both deep and superficial layers of the skin. Its precision makes it the most efficient for both acne and facial treatment in achieving an even skin tone.

  • Microneedling

    Automated needling is the most common practice of activating skin rejuvenation. It is heat-free and safe. It involves making microscopic wounds on the skin so that the body can create new skin through collagen and elastin growth.

Fractional CO2, Fractora fractional, Photodynamic therapy, SilkPeel, among many others are also effective Acne laser treatments in the markets that are efficient. These treatments can be used to target any acne scar depending on your preferences.

Like every other thing that comes with manual, adherence to proper instructions and follow-ups on your part is what will speed the recovery process.

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What Our Clients Say

five stars
  • Naila J
    I have been going to Patty and Ashley for six months for multiple different procedures. They are wonderful and well-experienced. I am very happy with my results and the work they did for me and my daughter. The price is amazing. I originally made an appointment with a different medical spa but once I found out about Dermix I immediately switched to them. I am paying 1/3 of the price that I would at other spas. 10/10 recommend.
  • Maria H
    If you want your skin looking younger and radiant look no more Patty is the BEST! You will see the difference from the first facial you do. I also did meso therapy and no bruising at all. She's simply the best your skin will love her!

  • Marcia S
    I have known Patty for more than nine years. I stop seeing her for a while because I moved from the valley and omg!!! My skin change so bad I do not care how many hours I will be intraffic.. The drive is well worth it, she is wonderful, Excellent, and pro on her craft
  • Xochitl A
    I just love this place, a jewel in San Fernando Valley. I've done mesotherapy and radiofrequency treatment. I've lost 2 sizes in less than a month, isn't that amazing! Just love everything about this place, people are very nice and the most important, very professional.