Cryotherapy in Sherman Oaks

cryotherapy in sherman oaks


Is cryotherapy in Sherman Oaks the answer to your health issue?

Do you feel pain due to an injured joint or muscle?

Alternatively, are you suffering from a skin-related disease?

In either case, what you might need is cryotherapy in Los Angeles.

What is Cryotherapy?

For a long time now, people- particularly athletes- have been applying ice packs to reduce inflammation in body joints, back, and muscles. Basically what these people do is to subject the damaged tissues to freezing temperatures which, in turn, numb the skin around the injured area thus lowering the amount of pain felt by the injured person.

Cryogenic Therapy is a safe procedure that has been safely used in Europe for more than 15 years. The cold laser applied, produces cold temperatures to the body immediately killing fat cells. Our unique procedure combines different equipment in one session to accelerate results and increase muscle mass at the same time; that fat is destroyed permanently.

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Cryotherapy builds on this concept:

It is a therapy which uses liquid nitrogen at about -200 degrees Fahrenheit to treat torn tissues and eliminate the pains that arise from surgical procedures for skin treatments or swollen body parts

When used to numb the skin during the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, warts, and moles, cryotherapy changes to cryosurgery.

Target forms of cryotherapy, such as cryotherapy facial, are used for specific body parts.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WCB) is, however, the most common form of cryotherapy today as medical practitioners prefer it over ice packs when it comes to relieving body pain.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

When you decide to go for either WBC or Cryosurgery, you will undress and expose your body as much as you possibly can, enter a Cryotherapy sauna, and stay there for about 2-4 minutes.

Exposing your body, in this case, means to only covering your feet with socks/shoes, your hands with gloves, nose, and mouth with a mask, private parts with a loose-fitting pair of shorts for men and loose-fitting shorts and a crop top for women, and the ears with a dry cloth.

In the case of targeted cryotherapy, you will only expose the part to which you wish to have cryotherapy done.

You don’t have to worry about your head because it is always sticking out for the entire therapy session.

When in the sauna, your body temperature lowers anywhere from 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s when the magic starts.

Cold temperatures cause blood vessels to shrink in a process known as vasoconstriction, thus limiting the amount of blood in circulation around your body.

During this time, your body realizes that it’s freezing and the only way to defend itself is by oxygenating as much blood as possible. Oxygenated blood is usually rich in nutrients- oxygen, collagen, anti-inflammatory molecules, endorphins, and erythrocytes- and is toxins and lactic acid-free.

Without toxins and lactic acid, body soreness and inflammations get swept away.

When you eventually exit the sauna, your vessels expand in a process known as vasodilation thus increasing the blood flow (oxygenated blood) around your body. The increase in blood flow ensures that heat is distributed evenly around the body, ridding the affected area off its excess heat.

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Is cryotherapy painful?

Not at all.

What are some of the benefits of cryotherapy?

Different people go for cryotherapy for varied reasons, but four benefits are relevant across the board. They include:

  • Cryotherapy significantly boosts body metabolism and as a result, can help you to lose up to 800 calories per session.
  • The procedure has proven efficient in skin treatment, particularly for conditions unrelated to cancer.
  • It’s by far the most effective pain relief procedure at this time.
  • People experiencing mood disorders such as anxiety and depression have, in some cases, reported a positive change after they undergo cryotherapy procedures. Psychiatrists say that this could be because after releasing endorphins, the human body experiences physiological and hormonal responses.

Parting Shot:

Because cryotherapy isn’t painful, yet it has uncountable benefits to your body, it’s wise for you to consider us on your next cryotherapy treatment.

The professionals administering your treatment will discuss with you the entire procedure beforehand to ensure that you are relaxed during your two minutes in the sauna, supervise the whole process, and ensure that you benefit maximally from it.

What’s more, cryotherapy in Sherman Oaks is very affordable.


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Nazila J

I have been going to Patty and Ashley for six months for multiple different procedures. They are wonderful and well-experienced. I am very happy with my results and the work they did for me and my daughter. The price is amazing. I originally made an appointment with a different medical spa but once I found out about Dermix I immediately switched to them. I am paying 1/3 of the price that I would at other spas. 10/10 recommend.

Maria H

If you want your skin looking younger and radiant look no more Patty is the BEST! You will see the difference from the first facial you do. I also did meso therapy and no bruising at all. She's simply the best your skin will love her!

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I have known Patty for more than nine years. I stop seeing her for a while because I moved from the valley and omg!!! My skin change so bad I do not care how many hours I will be intraffic.. The drive is well worth it, she is wonderful, Excellent, and pro on her craft

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I just love this place, a jewel in San Fernando Valley. I've done mesotherapy and radiofrequency treatment. I've lost 2 sizes in less than a month, isn't that amazing! Just love everything about this place, people are very nice and the most important, very professional.